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The Artful Skills Applied To It's By Jan Products

Shibori, Arashi, Itajime and Silk Painting techniques are used to create striking wearable art at It's By Jan. Scarf Magnets are designed using glass.

"Shibori," is a Japanese term that describes a technique where fabric is stitched or folded, bound and dyed. While "Arashi" translates to "storm" in Japanese, "Itajime" means "board bound resist dyeing."

Arashi Shibori is created by applying silk to a large pole and binding it with string to compress the material. This produces pleats which can be dyed, leaving a pattern of lines the dye cannot reach, resulting in a driving rain appearance.

Designing Itajime Shibori involves layers of dye interacting. This is achieved by folding the fabric and clamping wood, acrylic or metal shapes onto the silk to achieve contrast between the patterns and the background.

It's By Jan also creates Hand Painted pieces using multiple dyes together with different kinds of "resists" to keep the color within the outlined areas of the design.

To create Scarf Magnets, Jan chooses from a variety of glass products, designs the look, then fires them in a kiln to fuse the glass together.

While fashioning It's By Jan individual works can take up to eight hours per piece, the process takes place over a few days to carefully achieve her handcrafted designs.