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What is a Decorative Scarf Magnet?

At It’s By Jan, we create decorative scarf magnets (also known as magnetic scarf pins) from fused (fired) glass. Different from blown glass that's heated in a kiln, then shaped outside of it after air is blown into it, these are pieces of glass that are fired in a kiln up to 1600 degrees that fuses separate pieces into smooth, durable, works of art.  

Fusing glass is very tricky as different pieces of glass must be compatible with one another so they combine properly, otherwise they'll lack structural integrity and may fracture or shatter during the cooling process.

As you can tell, we use a variety of colors to create patterns or images. Called “stacking,” it's a layering of thin sheets of glass on top of one another, and often includes “dichroic” glass that changes color depending on the angle and the light, making each It's By Jan scarf magnet unique.

All glass is carefully tested leveraging years of experience to ensure it and other materials used in the scarf magnets are compatible, giving you a thoroughly enjoyable, wearable work of art that you can treasure for years to come.


Why do I need a scarf magnet?

  1. Scarf magnets make it quick and easy to style your scarf instead of spending time trying to figure out how to tie it, instantly giving you a variety of ways to wear it.
  1. By attaching the magnet back behind your shirt/blouse and placing the decorative side on the front of the scarf, your scarf stays in place all day long and keeps you from losing your scarf. It even works in the wind.
  1. Scarf magnets are very versatile. They can double as a magnetic lapel pin/broach and can function as sweater closures. Some designs can also work as tie clips for men. 

Bonus! Because scarf magnets are artful, they make wonderfully unique, affordable gifts! Click here to see them!